My decision to use Mr Rutherford for the initial consultation was my own choice, this was determined by doing my own research into a reputable Neurosurgeon in the North West of England.
My first consultation/examination with Mr Rutherford went very well and it was noted that his thought was I had a prolapsed disc, but this was to be confirmed via an MRI scan.
The scan was undertaken and confirmed the initial thoughts of a prolapsed disc. Mr Rutherford then gave me my options moving forward which were very clear and identified any risk that I would be exposed too.
It was decided some 3 weeks later that I would opt to have the operation to resolve the issue, this was undertaken by Mr Rutherford and his team, this went very well and only time would see if it was successful.
Six weeks after my operation I went for a follow consultation with Mr Rutherford and I explained to him that from my point of view it seemed to have worked.
Three months after the operation I felt really good and decided to get back to my fitness and took to the mountains in the lake district and also conquered Ben Nevis in Scotland!!!
The operation has been a great success and it is now 9 months ago and all is well.
The whole time from the intimal meeting until I was signed off Mr Rutherford's patient list I had outstanding treatment in a very professional manner.

Rob Brown 


Having felt unwell since the previous December, I was diagnosed in February 2018 with a 35mm cystic acoustic neuroma, which rather than grow into my ear canal and impede my hearing, was instead causing some compression of my brainstem.

By pure luck, my husband Neil discovered Mr Rutherford online and we were offered an appointment within a week.

Let me explain a little about who I am. Until my diagnosis I was a special needs High Level Teaching Assistant working in a demanding primary school with some very challenging children. My role also included that of Music Coordinator and violin teacher. However, I had felt so unwell and unable to work to the best of my ability that I resigned my position two days prior to my diagnosis. I instead decided that I needed to get to the bottom of my (at the time inexplicable) health issues, whilst continuing to work part time as a photographer. In our spare time, Neil and I regularly enjoyed mountain treks, climbing, running, cycling and generally not sitting still for very long. You get the picture. But at this point I was a nervous wreck; I felt weak, fatigued, plagued by headaches, I had some visual disturbance and nausea.

As soon as we met with Mr Rutherford, I felt completely at ease. My condition and treatment options were outlined very clearly, and armed with this information I felt more in control of the situation I had unfortunately found myself in. I was also introduced to Professor Lloyd, who began a course of intratympanic gentamycin injections. Whilst not a particularly pleasant experience, it was hoped this course of treatment would help with my recovery and allow me to regain my balance sooner.

I was able to build what I felt was a positive, and trusting relationship with both Mr Rutherford and Prof Lloyd. I believe they understood perfectly how active I used to be, how active I wanted to be, and just how debilitated I was feeling because of the effects this tumour was having on my ability to function normally. At no point did I ever feel like just another patient, and my concerns were always taken seriously, and never dismissed.Unfortunately, just 3 weeks prior to my surgery I experienced a brain haemorrhage, which left me feeling even more unwell. However, I was admitted to Salford Royal under Mr Rutherford’s care and was treated exceptionally well by all staff there. Once my condition was stable, I was prescribed steroids and discharged. Despite being back home though, and some distance away from Salford, I was contacted daily by the specialist nurses from the hospital. They were also able to prescribe medication to help me with the extreme nausea from which I was now suffering. 

12th May 2018 marked the day that Mr Rutherford, Prof Lloyd and the rest of the team gave me my life back. 3 weeks post op, I was able to rather gingerly have a go at riding my bike again. At 6 weeks I rode 10 miles and started running once more. At 8 weeks I ran my first 5km race and at 9 weeks I cycled 30 miles. I walked a little every single day, even when I didn’t feel like it and at 10 weeks I hiked 946m up Y Garn, in Snowdonia. I still have some effects from the tumour but I am grateful to be in the position I am in. Initially I had grade 2/3 facial palsy, but thankfully this resolved within a couple of weeks. I still have some facial and mouth numbness and my taste buds leave a lot to be desired. My balance still isn’t perfect, but I’ll take it. With exercise and yoga I’m sure this will continue to improve and it definitely won’t stop me from doing things I want to do.

Thanks to Mr Rutherford and Prof Lloyd, I have my life back and intend to make the absolute most of every day. At time of writing it is 11 weeks since my surgery and I am now happy to be working full time in my photography studio. I now have many more goals in mind, and I hope to to use them, not only as a focus to continue my recovery, but also to raise awareness of Acoustic Neuromas and the charities that support those of us unfortunate to have them and to prove to others that you can work to get your life back if you unfortunate enough to experience this kind of tumour. Next on my list are a sky dive and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, so watch this space…

Sara Crosland

I had been suffering on and off for ~ 4 years with trigeminal neuralgia that first manifested itself after a 12 hour long haul flight to the USA . Increasing levels of medication (Lyrica) were simply not doing the job to suppress that agonising blasts of pain endured whilst doing anything associated with the right hand side of my face.

Scott was recommended to me by one of his colleagues who had earlier performed surgery on me on a non-related neurological disorder. In consultation Scott explained that the outcomes for the MVD procedure that he performed were outstanding so after a bit more research and confirmation from Scott that he had carried out hundreds of such procedures I went ahead.

Once I’d come round from the surgery, the pain had gone completely and there were no adverse side effects. Scott explained how the surgery had gone and exactly how he had separated the nerve from the blood vessel.

I was back driving within a week and back at work 5 weeks later, 6 months in doing really well, pretty much back to normal and doing plenty of exercise.

I really have to thank Scott and the team at Salford Royal for doing such a great job.

Mike McGlade


In October 2016 I was referred to Mr Rutherford with a prolapsed disc. I was in rather a mess when we met and could hardly walk, and the reflex in my lower leg and foot had gone. I can only say on that first meeting I was at my wits end not knowing how this would end.

Mr Rutherford gave me so much confidence and explained everything so clearly about having the operation, (discectomy) that I was admitted 48 hours later for surgery.

I can't thank Mr Rutherford and his team enough for all the care and attention I received and I will be eternally grateful. To wake up and not have that pain any more was incredible. My recovery was excellent and I now exercise regularly and my life is back to normal.

Helen Behrens


I’ve received treatment from Mr Rutherford for 3 spinal conditions over the last 3 years and the treatment has been 2nd to non.

The first treatment was back in April 2014, then Late 2014 and more recently on 16th August 2017 I’ve had a Left C4/5 Forminotomy. Mr Rutherford and his team have been amazing, demonstrating care and compassion through all the traumas that surgery entails. I cannot recommend Mr Rutherford highly enough. We have always discussed all the options available to me and my treatment and I trust him 100%. Should I be unfortunate enough to need further treatment, I wouldn’t hesitate in contacting him for help.

Gary Barratt


Following a lengthy period of severe pain and discomfort in my shoulder and neck and having physio for a shoulder impingement which did not improve my condition, I had an MRI at the BMI Bolton hospital on 26 October 2016 where a prolapsed disc was identified in my neck. 

I was referred to the Brain and Spine clinic at the Alexandra Hospital where I met with Mr Rutherford on the 2 November 2016. He outlined in detail surgery where he could remove the prolapse and insert a Brantigan cage. I was put at ease throughout the consultation and given time to consider the procedure and whether I should have it done. I knew that I had no option and agreed that I would be happy for Mr Rutherford to perform the operation. On the 9 November 2016 I was admitted to the Alexandra hospital and had a C6/7 Anterior Cervical Discectomy and fusion with Brantigan cage which involved an incision in my throat. I was extremely anxious, but was reassured throughout. Following the operation I recovered quickly, had physio at the Alexandra and was discharged on 11 November. I was able to return to work as a golf club Administrator after 6 weeks and was soon back driving, ballroom dancing and attending the gym.

I am completely pain free and have full mobility and am extremely grateful to Mr Rutherford and his team.

Sue Long


After being unable to walk more than 100 yards at a time due to pain and pins & needles in my right leg and foot I was diagnosed as having Spinal Canal Stenosis. Scott Rutherford reviewed my MRI scan with me and explained the causes and the surgical procedure which would solve the problem.

He operated on me on 2nd August 2017 at the Alexandra Hospital. I was amazed at the recovery rate and the fact that I was pain free immediately and walking normally the following day. I had 2 follow-up Physio sessions and undertook the exercises diligently at home whilst observing the "do's and don'ts" which led me to a full recovery in record time.

I commend the Brain and Spine Clinic at the Alexandra and Scott Rutherford in particular.

Oss Boardman


My name is Michele Breeze. I am a Musical Actress and I have over the years, played many lead roles in Shows and Musicals around the world. The biggest of which was playing the title role of Eva Peron in the Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice World hit musical EVITA in London's West End and later, I recreated the role in the New Zealand production. In November 2016 I was diagnosed as having a Meningioma which if not operated on, would have serious consequences upon my life as it's size was well past the radiotherapy stage. Years earlier, in another part of the UK, both my brother and sister died of brain tumours so you can imagine how nervous I was in regard to having an operation to remove it. It was in fact, rather large and sat at the base of my brain on the right side and in part, it had extended into my right ear canal, which for a singer was added pressure to get it sorted. I was referred to Scott Rutherford at the Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle and upon meeting him for the first time, I felt totally at ease and reassured that he would be the best person to undertake the removal of the tumour. On January 15th 2017 I had an 8 hour operation with Scott at the helm of a brilliant team and due to his skill as a surgeon, the whole thing went much better than expected and the tumour was completely removed and thankfully it was also benign. I am now recovering well and in fact, I recently appeared on stage for the first time since the operation with the Captain of Wales and the British Lions Rugby Teams, Sam Warburton to raise funds for a the Captain of the USA 7's Olympic ladies Rugby Team who is also undergoing a series of cancer operations in the States. I can't recommend Scott Rutherford highly enough for his skills in allowing me to carry on with my musical career. and more importantly, my life! Thank you Scott, you're my hero!

Michele Breeze

I suffered with sciatica for a few weeks and was referred to Scott Rutherford at BMI The Alexandra Hospital and received 1st class treatment, from the initial meeting, to having a MRI Scan and discussing the results and treatment. It made the whole experience a positive one. Scott was flexible to my requirements booking in appointments to fit with me. The hospital staff were amazing, it felt like a 5* hotel rather than a hospital. I would recommend BMI The Alexandra Hospital.

Terri Buckley


In September 2015 I was diagnosed with the devastating news that I had a meningioma brain tumour. My consultant Mr Rutherford immediately proceeded to reassure me that I would be able to undergo surgery and have a successful outcome. He explained clearly what would be involved with surgery and what the risks would be. His professionalism and compassion were outstanding and truly made me feel positive about my future. 

I had my surgery in October 2015 and spent just 3 nights in hospital. During this time Mr Rutherford visited me on several occasions to check on my progress and answer any questions I had. He really does make you feel so confident with his caring nature and genuine concern. All the nurses and staff couldn't praise him enough....he truly is very highly thought of and respected by everyone. My treatment and level of care was outstanding by all nurses and staff during my stay in hospital. 

I made excellent progress post surgery and just 5 hours after returning to ward H7 was sat up in bed eating a two course dinner. After 3 days I was discharged as I had made an excellent recovery. 

On returning home it can be a little daunting as the reassurance of being looked after by professionals has gone. My fears however were soon eliminated knowing that I had support from Mr Rutherfords team and help and advice were only a phone call away. I didn't actually require any urgent or medical assistance but did require reassurance on a few occasions. Just having a friendly knowledgeable voice was all I needed and nothing was too much trouble. 

I'm still making an excellent recovery and almost all the discomfort has gone from my head. I've recently had another brain scan which has confirmed that my benign tumour was completely removed. I will be under the care of Mr Rutherford and his excellent team for the next ten years to have routine checks. I can honestly say I couldn't be in better hands and feel very lucky and indeed proud to be one of his patients. 
Thank you to everyone who has helped me through this and continues to support and assist me at The Alexandra Hospital and ward H7 at Salford Royal.

Helen Weigh


I was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma which was removed in January 2012.

I consulted Professor Ramsden and Mr Scott Rutherford who advised removing the tumour which had grown to a size which could not be left as it was still growing.  I  looked at alternative treatments which I discounted as not suitable given my age and circumstances.

The risks of the operation were discussed with me in full together with the possible problems I may encounter.

After the consultations I had complete confidence in the ability of the surgeons and their team to provide me with the best possible outcome.
I was treated with the utmost courtesy and honesty by Professor Ramsden and Mr Scott Rutherford and their team on all occasions.

The whole experience for my family and I was made more bearable with the confidence in the relationship which developed with Professor Ramsden, Mr Scott Rutherford and their support team.

I am pleased to say that the final outcome was a total success and I returned to  work within three months.   I am still working and carry on with my former activities and interests including sailing and walking etc. at aged 73.

John Royle


"You shouldn't be doing that" said Scott Rutherford, my Neurosurgeon at 8.00 on the morning after my acoustic neuroma was removed.  I was sitting up in bed eating some corn flakes and a mug of tea.  My first reaction was to look for a nil by mouth sign.

He further explained that I shouldn't want to be able to do that as I should be still suffering from sickness and vertigo on the first morning post-op and eating food would be the last thing on my mind.

He promptly arranged for a physiotherapist to attend. My lines and catheter had just been removed and he wanted to know if it would be possible for me to stand up with support or possibly unaided. I stood up walked down the corridor, up a flight of stairs, then back to bed by myself. The anaesthetist called and told me that I had been the first case that he had done without giving an anti-emetic after and was surprised to see me in such good spirits.

Before anyone thinks that I am bragging, I should come clean. About 2 months pre-op, my ENT surgeon Simon Lloyd and Scott suggested that I have an experimental course of Gentamycin injections (which actually is an antibiotic) in my left ear. Strangely, it is also toxic to the auditory nerves so it would ablate (kill off) the balance nerve. While I was fit, I would slowly get used to the lack of balance organ rather than having the big shock at the time of operation and allow my right ear to take over.

I received 3 injections through the ear drum that weren't pleasant, a bit like dental injections as the antibiotic is quite viscous, and had episodes of balance adjustments which though affected work were mild inconveniences rather than distressing.

The tumour was removed in late September at Salford Royal, the facial nerve preserved and I was discharged after 3 days about half the usual stay. There's still a lot of recovery from a big procedure especially with tiredness , but virtually no pain bar a couple of headaches,  but I was very grateful not to be having the horrible vertigo, learning to walk issues and sickness that characterise the operation for many patients including those undergoing the procedure at the same hospital at the same time as myself.

I believe the two surgeons are attempting to get a clinical trial set up so further assess the effects of Gentamycin. I would like to thank Scott Rutherford, the Neurosurgeon, a veteran of over 300 of these ops, Simon Lloyd as Cranial base ENT surgeon, the Staff at Manchester ENT clinic in Withington and the staff of Ward H7 at Salford Royal for the excellent care I have received.

It’s now nearly a year on post op. I biked 280 miles across Wales a couple of weeks ago and still play tennis twice a week. I have had to stop work as I was a clinical dentist as the confidence in fine motor skills are not sufficient  for my job so I am attempting to get into other forms of teaching dentistry. If I fall off a bike or slip during racquet play, I just damage myself not anyone else. But thanks to the care of the surgical team, I can have a just about normal life which is brilliant. I do have some very minor taste disturbances but have been fortunate in the lack of side effects which reflects well on the surgical team.

Unfortunately I can’t play the piano, but I couldn’t before the operation.

Roger Page


In Autumn 2013 I was referred to Mr Scott Rutherford for diagnosis and treatment for the problems I was now experiencing with my balance and loss of muscle power.  I already had a long-standing and complex spinal problem that had been stable for over twenty years. 

At my first consultation Mr Rutherford quickly put me at ease as he gathered information about my complex medical background and the problems I was now facing.  He was thoughtful, methodical, clear and precise but didn’t rush to a diagnosis, which gave me great confidence in him.  At my second consultation, following further scans and discussions, Mr Rutherford diagnosed my condition and explained the problem and the surgical solution carefully and very clearly. 

Mr Rutherford arranged the admission to hospital quickly and the surgery was scheduled without delay.  It was very reassuring to have Mr Rutherford visit me shortly after I returned to the ward to tell me that the operation had been successful and to give me his assessment of the potential outcome.  Throughout my stay in hospital he was a regular visitor, checking on progress and giving me reassurance.  My recovery was quick and without complications.

In my follow up consultations Mr Rutherford was again, clear, precise and realistic about the longer-term issues I might face.  He gave me clear advice about issues to watch out for and what to do in the event of any recurrence.  I know that Mr Rutherford will always be available for me to ask any further questions I may have.

In summary, Mr Rutherford with his medical expertise, enabled me to regain my independence and in doing so gained my gratitude and complete trust.

Christine Judd


Dear Mr Rutherford

I am writing to thank you following my surgery for facial microvascular decompression, on 21st May 2014.

I had been suffering for the last 10 years from hemifacial spasm to the right side of my face, this had gradually worsened over time, causing my right eye to close and the whole of the right side to distort. The symptoms were extremely distressing and I was finding this very embarrassing, especially in the working environment.

Although you explained the risks to surgery, it was apparent after trying other remedies without success, this was the only option.

I received excellent treatment from yourself and all the team at Salford Royal Hospital, from my arrival in Pre-op to my discharge. I was kept well informed of the procedure and any likely after effects following surgery.

The operation was a complete success and the facial spasm has stopped, so I am now a much happier and confident person.
I would be very pleased and have no hesitation in recommending you.

Thank you once again.

Allan Berry


I was diagnosed with an acoustic schwannoma (sometimes referred to as a vestibular schwannoma) in the summer of 2011. Unusually the size of the tumour didn't increase but my symptoms were worsening month by month. After a year I therefore agreed with my ENT consultant to have an operation to remove the tumour. He advised me that he would perform this operation with a consultant neurosurgeon and this was when I first met Mr Rutherford.

From our first meeting I was reassured that I was in the most capable hands. This was a surgeon at the pinnacle of his career who inspired the utmost confidence in his expertise. I saw him just before the operation where again he and his colleague were most reassuring. Mr Rutherford came to visit me on the ward every day, sometimes with his team and at other times on his own. He always made me feel that "I" mattered, I was not simply another patient to him. He was extremely kind and understanding. He did not strike me as a surgeon who was only interested in his workmanship but also in the effect it was having on me.

I have seen Mr Rutherford on several occasions since my discharge and he continued to make sure that I had the relevant care whenever a problem arose. This is something quite unusual; he did not dismiss my symptoms, but sought to help me with referrals to the relevant expert. I can now say that 2 years' post op I am feeling like my old self and this is due firstly to the expert operation performed by Mr Rutherford and his colleague but also through the holistic approach to aiding my overall recovery.

If you have the misfortune to need such an operation I can only say that you will be/are indeed fortunate to have Mr Rutherford taking care of you.

I wish you all the best.

Christine M.F. Holland