Andrew and Scott have just returned from a productive and stimulating meeting of the British Skull Base Society in Dublin at the end of January 2015. Despite a delayed arrival at the meeting due to snow at Manchester Airport, they were able to present three papers of their work in skull base surgery at Salford Royal Hospital.


Details of these papers are as follows:

  1. Decision making in the Manchester multidisciplinary vestibular schwannoma stereotactic radiosurgery clinic

    O. Pathmanaban, J. Barber, M. Rodriguez-Valero, S. Freeman, S. Lloyd, C. McBain, G. Whitfield, A. Wadeson, C. Ward, A. King, S. Rutherford


  2. Posterior fossa epidermoid cysts - Keeping uncomplicated surgery uncomplicated

    J. Barber, O. Pathmanaban, S. Freeman, S. Lloyd, C. Ward, S. Rutherford, A. King


  3. Cochlear schwannoma - Treatment options and literature review

M. Rodriguez-Valero, S. Freeman, S. Rutherford, A. King, C. Ward, O. Pathmanaban, S. Lloyd


Full abstracts of these presentations can be found in the attached abstract booklet.

BSBS 2015 Programme and Abstract Booklet