Professor King is a totally professional, charming friendly and approachable man.  From consultation through to operation and aftercare, his delivery of all aspects of the choices available to me, in relation to the handling of my trigeminal neuralgia, were clear and gave me the full information, warts and all, I needed to enable me to choose the best treatment.

I was totally at ease with my position enabling me to make a confident choice. Having made the decision that the operation was best. I was scheduled for the operation in less than a week and was operated on as an emergency on Good Friday.

Such a pleasant person with a thoroughly professional and pleasant team behind him, I am now a very happy patient with no pain, now able to lead a normal life. Thank you, with a smile, for everything. I would have no hesitation in choosing Professor King should I have cause for further treatment in the future. He deserved that hug I gave him!!
Carol Coleman


I write to express my gratitude to Professor King for organising my discectomy.

In 2003 I had really bad spinal problems. I saw Professor King then and an epidural injection worked for me. It lasted till late 2017 when I suffered agonising back pain again. I was more or less crippled.

Professor King saw my back scan and immediately fast tracked me for surgery. A full discectomy was performed by Mr Iqbal who is part of Professor King’s team at Salford Royal Hospital.

I woke up pain free and WALKED out of the Hospital the day after surgery. This was miraculous and I have made a swift total recovery, being able to drive within 3 weeks. I am truly a new man.

I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to Mr Iqbal for his work, and for offering me a new and optimistic life in my 73rd year.
My experience shows that spinal surgery has progressed so much in the interim, not least by the work the foundation has done and that it is Professor King who drives it on. He and the team deserve all the support you can give.

Martin Wray


I would just like to put on record my appreciation for the first class service I received while under Professor King’s care recently. From first consultation to operation to discharge I could not have asked for any better or more professional treatment.

A thoroughly nice, competent and caring man. I thank you wholeheartedly.
Brian Malliinson

After two months of severe and life disrupting back pain I was referred to Professor King for a consultation. He set me at ease immediately and my early confidence in him quickly proved to be well placed as his caring and thorough approach to the consultation proceeded. His initial view that the source of my pain was a disc prolapse was confirmed on 17 December when he presented the results of an MRI scan. Professor King carefully explained the procedures, including a ‘do nothing’ approach, that might be followed together with the risks and potential for success. Having total confidence in Professor King I had no doubt that surgery would be the right solution.

It was only a week to Christmas and Professor King was determined to make mine pain free. With what must have been a huge challenge to organise he arranged the surgery for 23 December and I awoke without that dreadful pain. Wonderful! 

I was discharged on Christmas Eve and I had a blissfully pain free Christmas at home. 

As my life (without pain) gradually returns to normal for the first time in months I am ever thankful to Professor King and the whole team who contributed to this happy state. 
Lorraine Turner

I am 80 in February and I am absolutely delighted how how fantastic Professor King's operation for Spinal Stenosis has made me feel. Within a couple of days I was standing upright and able to walk without leaning forward. It made me look over an inch taller. The pins and needles and numbness in my feet when walking straight away. " My Drop Foot " on the right foot which made me sound lame when walking on hard surfaces was half back to normal within 2 weeks of the operation. Now 4 weeks later it is about 80 percent right. Sheer joy. 

So Professor King , a very big thank you for making me, well yes, feel youthful again.
Peter Ross


I am a 66 year old female who was diagnosed with Von Hippel- Lindau Syndrome in 1988, which resulted in the removal of 6 benign tumours and associated cysts from my cerebellum during the ensuing 20 years. In 2008 my neurosurgeon retired and passed my care to Professor Andrew King, at BMI The Alexandra Hospital, Cheadle, Cheshire and Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Salford. 
Professor King continued to monitor my condition via scans. By 2015 I had 7 current posterior fossa cerebellar haemangioma blastomas with enlargement of the cystic and solid components of the right inferomedial lesion and therefore I needed a further operation to remove the two largest of these tumours/cysts. 

In spite of the increased risk of a 7th operation to the cerebellum, Professor King performed the operation in October 2015. The operation has been very successful and I would like to thank Professor King for the treatment and care that he and his team provided. I am certain that my recovery is due to Professor King’s expertise and gracious care. 


Andrew carried out a slipped disc operation (micro-discectomy) on me in 2007. 

I had been in excellent health until the disc slipped but the disc damage caused me significant loss of function.  I could not bend down, exercise properly or spend any time in a seated position and I was in considerable pain. Andrew suggested a brief period of time to see if the damage would self-correct without surgery but it was clear after a month that it was not going to.

Andrew clearly explained to me the potential risks and benefits of the operation and we decided to go ahead with it.

The operation itself was very straightforward to recover from. I left hospital the next day and as soon as the painkillers wore off, it was obvious that the operation had removed almost all the discomfort caused by the bulging disc pressing against my nerves.

In the 7 years since the operation, I have rowed solo across the Atlantic (setting off only 9 months after the operation), completed 2 Ironman competitions, a marathon and cycled from Lands End to John O’Groats, all of which require a fully functioning spine!

I consider the operation to have been a total success. Even now, I do still have to be more careful with my back and I avoid lifting things at the wrong angle. I also use a kneeling chair at work and try and do back stretches and exercises a couple of times a week. Aside from those very minor concessions, with the help of Andrew, the slipped disc has had no negative impact upon my life.
Anthony Taylor


I cannot thank Professor King enough for the expert care he gave me some ten years ago when I was referred to him following complications after the removal of an acoustic neuroma.  Nothing was too much trouble for him and every step was explained to me before any treatment was carried out.  At one stage urgent attention was required to a severe problem I encountered when he was in the South of England so he immediately gave instructions for treatment to be carried out and returned himself to Cheadle as fast as he could.  I was then able to make a good recovery and since then have led a full, active and interesting life.

My husband would also like to add how much he appreciated being kept fully informed of the procedures that were being carried out.
A couple of years ago I had cause for concern so contacted Professor King who very quickly arranged to see me and to carry out various scans.  All was well and I remain an exceedingly grateful patient!


I have twice had an operation on my back under Professor King's care, on both occasions a discectomy. My experience on the first occasion encouraged me to return to him when I needed further help. On both occasions I was impressed by his viewing of me as a whole person, not just a bad back.  He took time to listen to my concerns, and gave me all the time and information I needed to make a decision about what treatment route I should take rather than jumping straight to surgery. After both operations I had excellent care and am now very well. I would have no hesitation in returning to Professor King should I ever need such help again.

Fiona Carley

I have been under the care of Professor King since being diagnosed with chondrosarcoma in 2008.  Despite the enormity of this diagnosis Professor King and his team have been amazing. He has walked me through every step of treatment from surgery and radiotherapy to ongoing annual scans and check ups.  Nothing is too small or insignificant and he will always answer even seemingly silly questions and put your mind at ease.  I consider myself incredibly lucky to have been referred to Professor King initially and really feel that my life is in a very safe pair of hands.
Karen Farrow


'Lasting relief from back pain.' August 2014

Sept. 2013: I was extremely relieved to consult Prof. King at the Alexandra Hospital about my deteriorating back pain condition. Prof. King swiftly put me at ease, listened carefully and reassuringly to my lengthy explanation of my problems. Then, using my M.R.I. scan he explained in some detail the likely causes and possible solutions. I accepted the proposed operation, which took place two weeks later. I was greatly impressed by the confidence I felt in Prof. King and the efficient, professional course of treatment given to me. I was treated with the utmost care, kindness. respect and understanding throughout my treatment by Prof. King and the Alexandra Hospital.

I am very relieved to be generally pain free at my age, and that the operation was so successful after such a brief stay in hospital.

Many thanks.
Margaret Beckenham


In September 2005 I was diagnosed with a trigeminal schwannoma.  At that time I was living in Cairo were my husband was working on secondment, the Doctor who diagnosed this condition informed me there were few medical professionals who could surgically remove this safely. Fortunately my husband worked for the pharmaceutical company Astrazeneca and the Company Doctor recommended Professor Andrew King.

Professor KIng went to great lengths to explain the complexities of my case and the enormous risks associated with a procedure of this magnitude, nevertheless Professor King's patient and friendly manner gave me an assurance that in spite of the risks, I was in competent hands. The procedure took between 8 and 9 hours nevertheless with 3 days I was on my way home. It was not possible to completely remove the tumour however what remained could be treated with stereotactic radiosurgery.

The aftercare I have received from Prof.King has been thorough and exemplary since I first went to see him in 2005, although my visits are now infrequent I maintain contact with him, which gives me an assurance for the future.
Kaye Astles


I have been fortunate to be a patient of Professor King since 2009 when I had to have surgery for a meningioma. He is a very knowledgeable, professional, compassionate and brilliant surgeon who I would strongly recommend to anyone. The aftercare I am still receiving now is superb with regular appointments to see how I am and he's always contactable if any problems arise. 

Due to the length of time of my treatment, he has become more than a consultant, he's become a friend.
Karen Gough